Teenagers today are getting more involved in serving their communities and making a difference in the lives of others.


Young people and organizations will join together to clean local parks, feed the hungry and visit the elderly.


Opportunities for communities to unite and make an impact locally and nationally.

National Youth Week is a week dedicated to celebrating youth and their contributions to American society; this is sponsored by OMI a non-profit supporting “at-risk” youth. It is a unified effort for youth to work together under the pillars of teamwork, innovation, community service and achievement. It also works to ensure communities value the involvement of youth in all aspects of social recreation. In addition to celebrating youth involvement, the event provides an opportunity to address issues impacting young people and allows teens to voice their concerns about growing up in America today.

Thursday 13: starts Team work
Friday 14: achievement
Saturday 15: community service
Sunday 16: faith day
Monday 17: community service
Tuesday 18: Teamwork
Wednesday 19: Innovation

Our Purpose


“Homicide remains a leading cause of death among youth aged 10–24 years in the United States. ”
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