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April Duckson Jackson

“As a mom I knew it was important to not only tell my teens what to do but be the example in their lives. … encourage my youth to … do what’s right the first time. Most importantly be a leader, responsible, and accountable … it’s not what you do at first but how you respond in the end.”

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Nathaniel Yulfo

“Being a dad [today] … I knew that I would have to be the One to discuss issues about Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol. … I confronted them head on. My Philosophy … is i knew someone would have these conversations … so why not get in front [of] it and give the right perspective and not glamorize it.”

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Salisha Joseph

“Being a single parent … [today, with] peer pressure, sex, drugs, alcohol, corruption. I … talk to my daughter, allow her to express herself without [judgement] … feel safe talking … about everything. Even things I may not like … I rather her [come] to me than [go] to [others].”

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